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Object ID:            2013.090.004

Title:                     Knotweed

Habitat:                North America

Description:         Knotweed or Polygonum arenastrum is a summer annual weed from the family Polygonaceae. It is native to Europe and is a seasonal plant that was first noticed in North America in 1809. It is now found throughtout the United States. The color of knotweed is green with small purplish flowers along the stock (it looks like a flower on a bean stock). Knotweed was used to treat urinary tract infections. Some species of knotweed can reduce swelling if you have gingivitus, relieve a sore throat, and help with lung disease. According to the research of Elizabeth Windsong, knotweed is a good salad green and can be steamed. The seeds are also edible. Polygonum areastrum is helpful if you are sick, however it is also an invasive plant that often constricts and kills other native vegetation.

Dimensions:        H—12.7 W—20.32 cm

Kingdom:             Plantae (Plants)

Phylum:                Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

Family:                  Polygonaceae

Genus:                   Chlorogalum

Species:                 arenastrum

Collector:              Windsong, Elizabeth

Identified by:        Windsong, Elizabeth

Preparator:           Keener, Sea

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