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Outreach Programs

The Barona Cultural Center & Museum’s Outreach Program consists of three exciting learning opportunities where the Museum comes to you! Generously funded by the Barona Band of Mission Indians, the Outreach Program is a gift to San Diego County—there is no cost to you.

The Outreach Program is designed to engage people of all ages through lively discussion and hands-on experiences. Let us support your classroom curriculum in Native American studies and local San Diego County history. To ensure the date of your choice, please contact us to schedule as far in advance as possible.

Traditional Life Hands-On Kit

A professional outreach educator will visit your group or class with the Museum’s “Hands-On” kit. The kit includes artifacts, baskets, tools, and more. Although the main focus of this outreach is primarily traditional life before Spanish contact, other issues in the Kumeyaay history and lifestyle are also discussed. This option is a great curriculum supplement and works well with groups of up to 40 people. (Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour).

Power Point “Barona History"

The Museum’s Education Department created a “Barona History” Power Point presentation for groups of 50 people or more (but also works with fewer). The discussion contains a wide range of topics including: traditional life, the history of the Barona Reservation, and contemporary issues involving Southern California. This presentation is best if you have a “smart” classroom or boardroom with a computer, projector and screen and is ideal for college classes, high school classes, teacher training workshops, and corporate events. (Approximately 1 hour).

Informational & Educational Booth

The Museum is proud to partner with other groups and organizations by participating in their cultural events. The Museum will set up a booth or table with at least two Museum Educators and the Traditional Life Hands-On kit. Educators will be available to speak with and answer questions from the participants. The Museum has participated in this way at such events as December Nights in Balboa Park, Cabrillo Day, Powwows, county fairs, and at many school and community cultural fairs. (Please schedule at least 8 weeks in advance).

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