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Barona Church Tour


Guided Tours

The 40-Minute Tour

The tour begins with a 30-minute talk to your class describing how the Barona Indians live today and how their ancestors lived in ancient times in San Diego County. We like to stress the idea of Indians as modern people with a remarkable heritage. The talk also reveals interesting historical facts about the Kumeyaay people, a discussion of the 'Iipay language of Barona, and a map of Indian country in southern California. The class will also experience a number of hands-on interactives such as the Indians as Scientists, the Storyteller panels, a grinding stone, and the music of the Bird Singers - the oldest music in Califronia. Visitors are then given about 10 minutes to explore on their own.

Tours can be scheduled Tuesdays - Fridays; 9:30am to Noon.
The tour is a gift to the people of San Diego. There is no charge.

Tours for School Children

The Barona Band of Mission Indians welcomes your class to the Reservation! We offer special museum tour for the classes of San Diego County. We have a small Museum packed with a wealth of information from Barona Tribal members and other resources.

Group Size:
We ask that teachers schedule no more than 30 students per tour. If two classes wish to attend we will only allow 30 in the Museum at a time. This ensures a good learning and listening environment. For additional information contact us.

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