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‘Iipay Aa name: Hampaashuuk

Common name: Anna’s Hummingbird

Scientific name: Calypte anna

Anna’s Hummingbird has a few predators to worry about, such as Cooper’s Hawk and California Scrub Jay. These hummingbirds have adapted to chaparral habitats through their diets. Common plants found in their habitats include Fuchsia-flowered Gooseberry and Chaparral Currant. Both plants provide a steady supply of nectar for Anna’s Hummingbirds to eat. An interesting fact about Anna’s Hummingbirds is they consume 50% of their weight in nectar. It is as if a fourth grader drank 30 pounds of apple juice a day!

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Photo courtesy Robert McMorran.

Anna’s Hummingbirds, or Hampaashuuk in traditional ‘Iipay Aa, are a common bird found in chaparral habitats. These ping pong-sized birds have pointy beaks they use to poke into flowers and lick up the nectar with their long tongues. Their bodies are covered in vibrant green feathers that fade into a light grey. Only males have bright red feathers surrounding their face, while females have a grey dark spotted chest that leads into a gray face. Because Hampaashuuk fly so fast, backwards and forwards, Kumeyaay People think that they are very powerful birds.


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