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Native Seed Library

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Teaming up with San Diego Audubon Society’s growing Native Seed Library program, Barona Indian Charter School 7th grade students created a Native Plant Seed Library during their Culture Class studies with Barona Museum.  The Native Seed Library informs the public about local Kumeyaay people and provides free native plant seeds to take, plant, and return seeds for the public.

The Native Plant Seed Library provides free native plant seeds for visitors and community members.  It functions in a similar manner as a “Little Free Library.”  With the seeds, community members can propagate native plants in their own gardens and enjoy the process of watching their plants grow while also improving San Diego ecosystems at the same time!  Once the plants are mature and begin producing seeds, they can harvest them and share them in the Seed Library so that others may share in the joys of native plants.

Using native plants in gardens and landscapes provides critical habitats to birds and other wildlife, which are threatened by climate change, development, and invasive species.  Native plants help to conserve water and support pollinators that are vital to California’s agriculture.  Birds rely on native plants for their nests, food, and protection.  By participating in this project, people are taking actions to conserve the rich biodiversity of the County of San Diego.

In Culture Class, the 7th grade students learned about native plants, cared for the Native Plant Garden located adjacent to the school, behind the Museum, studied ethnobotanical uses by our Ancestors, and helped prepare seeds for saving and sharing in the Library.  Our Ancestors were broadcast agriculturalists, practiced seed saving, and planted amazing terraced gardens.

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