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Silverwood Science Discovery

Welcome Lakeside Fourth Graders!

We’re excited to share information with you to help you with your Silverwood Science Discovery research! Visit Barona Museum to learn more!


Barona Cultural Center & Museum welcomes a new partnership with the San Diego Audubon Society (SDAS) working to restructure their Silverwood Science Discovery program. The program combines an in-class lesson with a San Diego Audubon Society naturalist and a guided field trip to the Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary in Lakeside. The interdisciplinary curriculum explores San Diego's chaparral and coastal sage scrub habitats and includes student research on native plants and animals.

A new addition to this program (which has been running since 2011) is learning about us, Kumeyaay People, the first inhabitants of this region. We enjoyed an expert mastery of the land and its many ecological zones. We cared for oak groves, planted gardens, managed controlled burns, and hunted for deer and rabbit. The students’ curriculum now includes the importance of our native plants animals and how we use them. Students will also learn how to pronounce their animals in our native language, ‘Iipay Aa.

Barona Museum is excited to partner with the San Diego Audubon and would like to thank Kumeyaay elder and language specialist Pat Curo for his time and assistance.

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Black Sage

Salvia mellifera

Native Uses: leaves and stems used to bathe in when achy from rheumatism/arthritis/flu; tea for colds; seeds can be ground into flour; food seasoning.

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Black Sage

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Acorn Woodpecker

Melanerpes formicivorus

Hetepull heavily rely on acorns to survive. Kumeyaay People also gathered and stored acorns and made them into shawii, acorn mush.

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Acorn Woodpecker
Courtesy Sam May

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