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Object ID:            2013.090.009

Title:                     Prostate Pigweed

Habitat:                North America

Description:         Amaranthus albus (prostrate pigweed) is an annual species of flowering plant. It is native to the tropical Americas but can now be found throughout Africa, Europe, and Australia. When it dries, it forms tumbleweeds. The color is green and then yellow when dried. The plant was not used medicinally or as a spice. Prostrate pigweed's kingdom is Plantae. The plant is abundant in prairie and steppe regions and commonly breaks from its roots at maturity, drying into a rounded tangle of light, stiff branches that rolls in the wind. They can cover long distances and scatter their seeds as they go. According to the research of Elizabeth Windsong the green, young plant could be steamed and eaten.

Dimensions:        H—12.7 W—20.32 cm

Kingdom:             Plantae (Plants)

Phylum:                Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

Family:                  Amaranthaceae

Genus:                  Amaranthus

Species:                albus

Collector:              Windsong, Elizabeth

Identified by:        Windsong, Elizabeth

Preparator:           Lloyd, Chayton

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