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Object ID:            2013.090.008

Title:                     Smartweed (Willow Weed)

Habitat:                North America

Description:         Polygonum lapathifolim is the scientific name for my plant. Its common names include smartweed, curlytop knotweed and willow weed and it comes from the buckwheat family. The actual plant is green and has flowers that hang over. According to the research of Elizabeth Windsong, smartweed is a healing herb for any kind of cut, especially bloody wounds. Just crush and apply to injury. It can also be used as a poultice to treat hemorrhoids. Smartweed is native to the United States.

Dimensions:        H—12.7 W—20.32 cm

Kingdom:             Plantae (Plants)

Phylum:                Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

Family:                  Polygonaceae

Genus:                  Polygonum

Species:                lapathifolium

Collector:              Windsong, Elizabeth

Identified by:        Windsong, Elizabeth

Preparator:           DiIorio, John "Nat"

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