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Object ID:            2013.090.015

Title:                     Horehound

Habitat:                North America

Description:         Horehound is a plant that looks like a bush and is found in several parts of the United States and other countries. Horehound is green with white leaves. The bush is made up of several long, skinny stems with leaves leading up to the flowers at the top. The scientific name of Horehound is Marrubium vulgare. According to the notes of Elizabeth Windsong, Horehound was traditionally used for coughs, congestion, colds, mad dog bites, other poisons, fevers, digestion, bronchitis, worms and as a laxative.

Dimensions:        H—12.7 W—20.32 cm

Kingdom:             Plantae (Plants)

Phylum:                Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

Family:                  Lamiaceae

Genus:                  Marrubium

Species:                vulgare

Collector:              Windsong, Elizabeth

Identified by:        Windsong, Elizabeth

Preparator:           Johnson, Kendall

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