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Welcome to the Barona Cultural Center & Museum
Virtual Exhibit - Heritage Project

Week 1, Introduction to Ethnobotany

During the first week of Heritage Class, the 7th and 8th graders met twice. The students visited the school's Native Garden and were introduced to ethnobotany (the scientific study of the use of plants by people). We also made a trip to Barona Museum's Research Center, where collections are kept and preserved. The students toured the facility and spent time learning about Kumeyaay basketry and the various plants that are used for fiber (juncus, deergrass, pine needles, sumac, yucca, willow). 

In our second meeting of the week, each student was assigned a plant from the Native Garden. Specimens were collected and then pressed and dried in a plant press. The students spent time researching their native plant to find out its scientific name and traditional uses. They also used a number of sources to see if there is a word in 'Iipay Aa, the traditional language, for their plant.

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