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Welcome to the Barona Cultural Center & Museum
Virtual Exhibit - Heritage Project

In 2016, the seventh and eighth graders' Heritage Project focused on ethnobotany (the science of cultural plant use) and maintaining the Founders' Garden of Native Plants. Students learned "herbarium standards" (proper care for a collection of preserved plant specimens) and techniques to preserve plant specimens while researching and writing about traditional uses of plants for dietary, medicinal, and utilitarian purposes. They spent many weeks caring for the garden and adding new plants. Eva Salazar, renowned Kumeyaay Basketmaker, also taught a juncus basket class for the students. Showing them how basket plants were cared for and prepared for weaving.


Tami Belmain, 7th and 8th Grade Teacher

Principal: Josh Stepner


Barona Indian Charter School Board


Joey Morales, Rincon Tribal Nursery


Jonathan Snapp-Cook and Frank Winter, US Fish & WIldlife Service

IT/Site Design: Erin Payne

7th Grade Students: Kathleen Aguilar, Ethan Doerr, Eldon Holsbo, Olivia Manke, Domanin Montiel, Gabriel Ortiz, Julian Panelo, and Nyree Richardson.

8th Grade Students:  Avellaka Aguilar, Jayleen Davila, Yessenia Gonzalez-Bilbrey, Grettchen Gutierrez-Silva, Ella Travelstead, and Victoria Vigil. 

Barona Museum Staff: Jennifer Stone, Assistant Curator and Therese Chung, Collections Manager

2016 Barona Indian Charter School 7th & 8th Grade Heritage Project
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