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Welcome to the Barona Cultural Center & Museum
Virtual Exhibit - Heritage Project

Week 2, Heritage Class

For the second week of Heritage Class we focused on the History of the Barona People and how they came to live in the Barona Valley. The students learned how the Kumeyaay/Diegueño people lived traditionally before European intrusion and the devastating after effects of the Missions, Rancho and American Periods. They learned that the Capitan Grande Reservation was established in 1875 and how the city of San Diego later forced the People off their reservation to build a reservoir. In 1932 a piece of land titled Cañada de San Vicente y Mesa del Padre Barona was purchased with compensation monies from the People's forced removal. This became the Barona Indian Reservation.

The students also learned about Irving Gill, a well–known San Diego architect, who was hired by the government to design and oversee the building of the homes on the new reservation. The People were to make their own homes, each one to meet the needs of the individual family. But before the homes, the People first wanted a Church! Gill also designed what is today the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Finally, the students spent some time researching their native plant to find out its scientific name and traditional uses. They also used sources to see if there is a word in 'Iipay Aa, the traditional language, for their plant.

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