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Welcome to the Barona Cultural Center & Museum
Virtual Exhibit - Heritage Project

Week 6, Heritage Class

For the final week of Heritage Class, we had an amazing guest teacher – naturalist Barbara Tagami. Barbara is a volunteer trail guide at Mission Trails Regional Park and is well versed in local flora and fauna. She brought a wonderful assortment of plants for the students to see and feel. Their first project was a leaf rubbing. Using cottonwood and sycamore leaves, the students learned how to make a tracing and see the structure of the leaf.

Next the students visited the Native Plant Garden and created a collaborative poem about how they felt being out in nature. We started with one sentence and each student wrote a sentence based on the one before about their observations. Here are a few lines:


Patches of blue sky peek through the rain soaked clouds as they drop their life giving moisture to the parched earth. Plants are talking to one another and blooming. Peace, calm, relaxation and a cool breeze is what I feel. Birds singing and chirping in the tall, tall trees.


Returning to the classroom, each student worked on plant sketches in their journals. They learned that nature journaling can be many different things: scientific research, creative writing, poetry, sketching and art (to name a few). Keeping a nature journal helps to hone your observational skills and remember more effectively.

To end the class the students enjoyed a delicious snack of yucca flower quesadillas, courtesy of Barbara.

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