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Wild Oats

  • 'Iipay Aa Name: Nyipaay

  • Description: Wild Oats are now found almost all over the world. They are an invasive species from Eurasia and Africa that replaced the local native grain. This specimen is either Avena barbata or Avena fatua. According to the "Autobiography of Delfina Cuero," wild oats were called Nyipaay. Delfina said the seeds could be ground up and made into "pinole" (a finely ground, sweetened flour that can be made from different types of grains or seeds).

  • Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)

  • Phylum: Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

  • Family: Poaceae

  • Genus: Avena

  • Species: barbata or fatua

  • Collector: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Identified by: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Preparator: Buban, Jordan

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