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  • Description: Smartweed is from the Polygonaceae family and is commonly considered a weed. It can be betwwen 8 to 31 inches in height with a small radius. It has green leaves and a grayish green stem. Its inflorescence are pink in color and flower during the summer months. The scientific name is Persicaria lapathifolia. Smartweed is native to both the Old World and the New World. According to the research and notes of Elizabeth Windsong, fresh crushed Smartweed heals wounds.

  • Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)

  • Phylum: Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

  • Family: Polygonaceae

  • Genus: Pericaria

  • Species: lapathifolia

  • Collector: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Identified by: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Preparator: Klingman, Jonathan

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