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  • Description: Amaranthus fimbriatus is a plant native to the southwestern United States and to Mexico. Its common name is fringed amaranth and it flourishes in the dry deserts. It is green, when young, with rough leaves. Amaranthus was used by Kumeyaay/Diegueño as food and medicine. According to the notes of Elizabeth Windsong, amaranthus is delicious raw or can be cooked. It is also noted to be a ceremonial plant and used as a poultice on skin effected by poison oak.

  • Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)

  • Phylum: Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

  • Family: Amaranthaceae

  • Genus: Amaranthus

  • Species: fimbriatus

  • Collector: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Identified by: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Preparator: Martin, William

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