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California Cudweed

  • 'Iipay Aa Name: Kumil

  • Description: California Cudweed is a plant native to the west coast, from Baja California up to Washington state. It is from the family Asteraceae, known also as the "Daisy" family. Its scientific name is Pseudognaphalium californicum. The plant's leaves have an aroma like maple syrup. The white flowers of the plant are in clusters. According to the research and notes of Elizabeth Windsong, Cudweed can be used as an astringent to dry up pulmonary and nasal mucus.

  • Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)

  • Phylum: Anthophyta (Flowering Plants)

  • Family: Asteraceae

  • Genus: Pseudognaphalium

  • Species: californicum

  • Collector: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Identified by: Windsong, Elizabeth

  • Preparator: Pekelder, Garrett

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